The Family of Jeunesse

The Family of Jeunesse
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Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Looking for Distributors in Brazil - $1 start up kit….

JEUNESSE is looking for new distributors in Brazil….

Take advantage of pre-enrollment to lock in your position in the future Jeunesse Brazil market.

Distributors in Brazil can now purchase a $1 Starter Kit to secure their position by selecting “Christmas Island” during sign-up.

To Start - This Starter Kit will be the only item available; products will not be available for purchase until Brazil is ready to launch locally. Jeunesse is currently finalizing product registrations and will establish a corporate presence in Brazil in the very near future. Get your foot in the door now and then once everything is ready in place to go you will be the first one able to order your product and start your business.

Brazilian women are  some of the most beautiful woman in the world. Why would they want to use a new system? There are lots of reasons to want to use this amazing product and promote it. Its a whole system for inside and out. Start your business small and just word of mouth and your amazing transformation from beautiful to STUNNING will be enough to catch people's attention.

Just follow the link to sign up immediately!

If you have any questions - just ask!

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Healthy Skin - Inside & Out

Healthy lifestyle = Healthy Skin

Healthy skin is a continual work in progress. It is a reflection on your life choices. What you eat, how long you spend outside, what you use to wash and cleanse and moisturize your skin. How much water you drink. If you consume excessive alcohol or smoke all plays an important part on your overall health. 

Diet is one of the most important elements in keeping healthy. Try to incorporate Fruit & Vegetables that are in season. I find that Farmers markets are a great resource for seasonal produce at usually reasonable prices and a great way to introduce new foods into your diet. I love to go on line and find new recipes for in seasonal foods and see what you can do with them. If you are not on a limited budget another great idea is ordering a veggie box to be delivered right to your door. They are full of amazing fruits and veggies and it gives you a chance to try new items.

Eat NUTS & FISH: Both create oils that are good for cleaning out the bad oils that come from both your environment and from that hamburger you ate last night. Specifically, almonds have the calcium and magnesium in them that your body needs to protect your skin from the harmful effects of your environment. Soy milk is pretty amazing for that as well. The omega-3's in Salmon alone help keep your hair shiny, your nails and teeth strong and your skin clear.

Be sure to drink lots of water - it flushes your system from all the toxins you consume and breath daily. It will also help with dehydration and keeps your skin fresh and full looking.

Exercise - Did you know that sweating helps your skin, and the strength you feel internally will start to show on your face. Eating healthy will also give you more energy allowing you to exercise more - Make sure to wash your face after you exercise, even if it means just wiping your face with warm water and washcloth without any cleanser.

With all the information out there bombarding you with what to do and what not do do to keep healthy - it is hard to know which information is correct and what to eat or what not to eat. After many years of trial and error I have come to the realization that you are what you eat rings very true. I live a very quiet life and I do y best to eat healthy and exercise regularly, drink lots of water and definitely do not smoke and drink only at weddings and wash my face morning and night, wear sunscreen and get as much sleep as I can. I do eat chocolate and ice cream but I try to always eat in moderation and as a treat not as a meal! 

Having great skin is something that is very important to me. As well as feeding my body and doing everything I can to remain healthy, I also take care of my skin on the outside. I have tried many different products over the years and found one I really like now. Confidence is walking out the house each day knowing you look amazing and feel great. Take care of yourself and enjoy each day. The only person you need to impress is yourself. Others will notice and follow your lead.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Instantly Ageless has arrived & ready for shipping


My latest shipment of Instantly Ageless has arrived. I will be filling all orders I have and shipping out tomorrow. If you would like to be added to the shipment please email me to place your order.
  • 1 Sachet for $5.00 or
  • 5 Sachets for $20.00
  • Shipping $2.00 across Canada or $5.00 International
  • Interact email money transfer is safe / secure & fast....
Email me to place your order - you will not be disappointed -

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

How Young do you think I am?

Not a Normal Day!

I had a great day today - it's not because the weather was +16 in early April or because it was the backside of the Easter Long weekend or because I had finished running all my errands early enough that I had a chance to sit down outside the coffee shop to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee and muffin, but it was because of the conversation I had with a very interesting young man.

Anyone younger than me by 20 years or so is considered - in my books - a young man.... So, there I was just sitting outside the coffee shop people watching. I was enjoying watching all the people hustling and bustling past me and I remember thinking how happy I was that I had finished my errands and was able to sit in the sunshine and watch life pass bye for the next 1/2 hour or so.... 

Imagine my surprise when a lovely young man asked if the chair next to me was free. I thought he meant so he could take it to another table - so I said sure. He pulled it out and sat down with his coffee and lunch. I was busy people watching and not really paying much attention to the new addition at the table so when he started chatting to me I was a bit surprised. 

I learned a lot about him in a relatively short period of time and each time he spoke I kept calculating in my mind how old I thought he was and why would he want to sit and chat to a middle aged woman when there was lots of bare skin sitting around me! I found out that he was here for school and that his family was in another city on the other side of Canada and he was enjoying the West Coast and all the sunshine and not missing the snow from this year. His parents were slowly awakening from the winter and he enjoyed sending them pictures of the cherry blossoms and the sunshine. 

AHHH I thought he misses his mom and wants to sit and chat with a mother figure.... That's just so sweet so I changed my mind set and looked at the situation in a more motherly way.... We chatted about movies and books and what amazing things you can do in the city and how much we both enjoyed living here. I chatted about my day and how I had run around doing my errands and now was my time to relax. He asked about my family and I said my children had grown and I was a Grand mother.... Well you should have seen the look on his face. Shock is just a polite way to say what I saw. He looked at me with a funny grin and asked if I was kidding him as he thought I was in college too! 

Oh my... did I really look that young  or was he being polite and meant Adult evening college? I had not even dressed to kill today. Just my normal self with my day face on - nothing fancy.  Why this new attention - hmmm maybe it was due to the new daily facial regime I had been doing over the past week, but could a product really be that great that I look 10 years plus younger in such a short period of time? Well I got my answer and I am not going to change anything that I am doing. This young man gave me the greatest gift today without even knowing it. He made me feel beautiful and young and he did not even know he was doing it. 

I then had a very funny thought - can you imagine if I actually had additional skin showing too today? It probably would have blinded him along with all the people in a close proximity of my table with all the sun reflecting off this pale white skin - lol. I think I will keep my skin hidden for a while longer....

So all in all - it was an amazing day today, who knew that along with the great weather and cup of coffee, I would meet a lovely young man who made me feel like I was back in college with no cares or worries or wrinkles.... There is nothing better than feeling beautiful and knowing others see it too even when you are not trying to stand out in a crowd of many. How was your day?

Just another day!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Wishing you a Very Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Just popping in to wish everyone a Very Happy Easter. I love Easter, in fact it is one of my favorite holidays of the year. Two reasons, My background is Anglican however, my parents sent me to a private Catholic school so growing up this holiday holds some very powerful memories. 

I also love this holiday as each year for many years in the 1970's my dad used to take my mom, sister and me to Qualicum Beach over on Vancouver Island for our spring break week and we stayed in a little cabin right on the beach. The cabins were simple and I had to share a bed with my sister, but we were a family and we had a week of fun activities. It is there that my dad taught us to dig for clams and my mom made clam chowder for dinner, I learned to make my first beach fire to roast marshmallows sitting behind a large log to break the cold breeze. When I saw my dad last week we started talking about our spring break trips and we both wondered if the location was still around after 40 years..... so today I did a little internet searching and was so happy to find out that I could find some pictures of the location and I believe it is still somewhere to go and stay. Maybe a trip is in my future.....  It was nice to know that not everything changes. 

I love Easter too as it is a day that I make a big ham and glaze it with my secret sauce along with a big batch of scalloped potatoes. Turkey is great, but for some reason Easter has always been a Ham holiday.

Well - I can smell the dinner in the oven and its calling me to serve it and I have some hungry eyes watching me so I will say good evening - enjoy your Easter.

Do you have any fond memories from this holiday? If you would like to share them - it would be great to see why this holiday is important to you.